Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Starting Line of Life :)

They say “life is a box of chocolate you never know what will you get”
well its true-well i was surprise with mine :)
let’s start this entry:
Screen Name/ID:  Aury “aj” Aquino

Age: i am 13 going on 14 :) HAHAHA

Location: somewhere in your heart <3 HAHA :D Mindanao, Philippines
Occupation: student/blogger

Ambition: to be the next Bb. Pilipinas-Miss Universe , Winning the title Miss Universe, finish school with flying colors, top the board exam, support my family, and marry the guy with God’s permission(in the future ofcourse). 

Languages Spoken: Filipino, English, Bisaya
Web Sites:, also follow me on twitter @janyaquino, subscribe me on 

Movies: many to mention

Television Shows: anything awesome on the channel ABS-CBN

Songs: many to mention

Actors: Robert Pattinson 

Actresses: Nikki Gil, Ann Curtis

Books: Geronimo Stilton, Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Magazines: Starstudio Magazine, Vogue, Kris Aquino mag.

Topics: Christianity anything related to Roman Catholic religion subjects 
Sports/Games: Tabletennis
Food/Drink: spaghetti(lola’s cooking/recipe)

Vacation Spots: Dakak&Boracay(Philippines)
(anywhere with a nice beach&pool, nice tourist spots,and something physically fun)

Comics: Archie(always and will be)

Anime: I’m not a fan but I like Sailor Moon

Manga: not a fan i don’t read Mangga 

Quote: be happy in do it in a right way
Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of doing.-playing with my itouch and having chitchats with my friends

Is there a fictional character from a movie, TV show, or a novel you wish existed in real life? Yes, Darna HAHAHA

If there’s one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?-I already love/like myself I don’t need to change myself I am happy what God gave to me

Where do you want to live when you retire?- In a subdivision in Manila, Philippines.

What did you want to be when you grow up?- Architect, Psychologist, Beauty Queen, Business woman 

If you could have any job, what would it be?- Architect

What super power would you like to have? - Read people’s mind

Most important thing in life?- wow its hard :D HAHA
Describe yourself.-happy but sometimes sad

Are you currently single, married, “taken,” or none of the above? waiting for someone

Have you ever been married? no

Do you have kids? no

Describe your soul mate. i have no soulmate

Describe your ideal partner. tall,white,handsome HAHA seriously must kind & smart or I don’t know (God has also plans)

What is your worst habit? Its hard for me to sleep at night 

What is your best quality? (What you think and what others think) i have leadership skills

Thing you’re most proud of? (An accomplishment of yours) i have joined many summer workshops and i got straight honors in my freshmen year

What is your biggest regret? secret :)

One word to describe your life so far. difficult but i’m okay

What are your pet peeves?-dog(dexter)

What are your fears? lost and horror(if you know what i mean)

What are the things that piss you off most? when somebody lost my trust
Outgoing or Shy: outgoing

Organized or Disorganized: organized

Serious or Fun-loving: Fun-loving

Optimistic or Pessimistic:  Optimistic

Studious or Carefree:  Studious

Is your style of humor witty, sarcastic, slapstick, silly, crazy or just plain weird?  crazy HAHA

Paper or Plastic:  Paper

Glasses or Contacts:  Glasses

Cat or Dog:  Dog

Bikinis or Thongs: Bikinis
Someday I’m going to get up the nerve to… join BB. Pilipinas

I cry because… i lost

I laugh because… its funny and i’m happy

If the world was going to end tomorrow I would… pray

Life is… difficult and wonderful

How long did it take for you to finish this? (Approx.) 3 hrs. i think 
 well that seems to be all
more entries soooooooooooon :)

ps: i also post this in my tumblr

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