Sunday, May 6, 2012

Its hard but its worth it... :)

They say no pain no game :)
I didn’t know its that hard to make blogs and to commercialize it. You must pick the right color,background,site,images,size (pagod akech talaga!). Because I want it done  right away, I applied the value of patience, you don’t get thinks right away if you’re not much good at it. FYI I’m an amateur blogger.  
But its fun I don’t get to do this in my free time especially in summer(its May, its summer here in the Philippines). After all I’m stuck here in the house,so I take the time to express my feelings. This is just the first part of the entry I’m just expressing my feelings because I’m really tired.

As you can see in the picture its 6:01 am. That’s my usual time I wake up for school since its summer I woke up nearly 9:30 to 10:45 in the morning which I don’t like it. Ofcourse the cause for it is the late night tv reality shows(which are entertaining, like Pinoy Big Brother) the show ends nearly 11:00/10:45 pm(not that late, in my opinion).
Yes, I can’t sleep. I don’t know what cause it the most but my common reason is “i can’t find the right position in my sleep!” or “I think too much on what’s happening tomorrow and the happenings this day!”. And yes you can relate to me.
But I have tips to avoid sleepless night issues:
-try to close your eyes even though you are not yet sleepy, just close it and next thing you’ll know its morning
-PRAY. Ask God for help. He’s always there for us
(it worked for me)
But if my tips don’t work. Find online solutions. If it doesn’t still work, visit a doctor. But I tell you PRAY and God will listen and help you :)
More entries soon :)
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