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Have you ever had the feeling when you “tinggle”(tinggle: “kilig” or romantic feelings/reactions with an opposite sex #ownoppinion/meaning) when your crush walks by the hallway? Well me, everytime :) And I’m not surprise if you haven’t felt the “tinggle” in your whole life…

new word for today TINGGLE HAHAHA

CRUSH or PUPPY LOVE:  is an informal term for feelings of loveromance, or infatuation felt byyoung people during their childhood and even adolescence, so-called for its resemblance to the adoring, worshipful affection that may be felt by a puppy. ‘Simple infatuation is often called a “crush” or “puppy love”. It commonly strikes those in the early teens or younger.

I have tons of crushes ;)
i know you have too. YES you!

How to Know if You Have a Crush on a Guy

-Take notice of how you and your body react next time you see him. If you feel nervous or feel your heart skips a beat or you start to sweat, or it feels like you can't breathe when you're around him, you probably like him. When deciding about reactions, think of what could have caused them. If the boy is mean to you then you might start to sweat when you're around him, but not because you like him.

-Notice what you think about when you think of the guy. If thinking of him makes you nervous, excited or happy, you probably have a crush on him.
-Notice if you try to go to the same exact place where he is. For example, when you are in school, you pass by his locker, or the places where you know he may be.
-Notice whenever you try to make a guy jealous. This may be a sign you like him.
-Notice if you talk to your friends about him a lot.
-Notice whenever you try to get his attention.
-Be aware of trying to make friends with his friends, or finding reasons to get close to him.
-Notice whenever you try to get information about him.
-Count how many times you think about him a day. If you think about him more than several times, you probably like him.
-Notice how many times you’ve tried to Google his name and how many times you’ve tried to search his personal page on Facebook or other social networking sites.
-Notice if your friend says you blush whenever he’s around or if his name is mentioned.
-Notice if you feel jealous when he’s around other girls and/or flirts with them.
-Notice if your friends tell you that you were staring at him, and you don’t even realize it.
-If you talk about him in one of your conversations to anybody who will listen, he is stuck in your mind, and you probably like him.
-When you’re getting dressed in the morning before school, you always think “Will _____ like this?” Or something similar to that.
-You look forward to the one class you have with him or, you are so thankful you have more than one class with him.
-Notice if you think about him in the most random moments.
-If you’re shy, notice when you avoid eye contact and blush when you are around him.
-You walk by him and always glance over to see if he noticed you.
-You think about him the most and always have a smile on your face if you do.
-You remember incidents or moments you’ve had with him.
-Notice if you always look to see where he is.
-You might act differently with him than with other guys.
-Notice if your friend says that you were doing something to get his attention, but you didn’t even know that you did.
-When you go to school you always see if he is there that day or you’re always wanting to go just to see him. Notice that when he’s not at school, you feel disappointed.
-Notice if you always think of reasons, especially the small ridiculous reasons, to talk to him or to continue a conversation.
-Notice if you are the first one to text him or to start a conversation with him.
-You can’t sleep well.
-Notice if you get a sudden thrill whenever you hear his name.
-You’re always thinking “Does my hair look good?” or something similar to that.
-Think if you want to hug or kiss him!!
-Do you post things on social networking sites just so that he can see them?
-Finally, the biggest sign that there is: Were you thinking of him as you read this whole post? Did you search for this article so you could find out if you were crushing on him? If the answer to both of those is “Yes,” then you like him a lot!
-Notice if that guy is looking at you and then you look at him and you blush that means you really have a crush on him.
-Notice if you look at his window to check if he’s there,means then you really have a crush on him.
-While playing dares you give dares to yours friends to get his infromation.
-You try to learn the same things he do. eg:You learn cycle so you can cycle with -him.
-You become nervouse when you are around him and try to look more beautiful
-If you gave more than 6 answers as yes, then you really have a crush on him!!

  • It’s kind of hard to have a crush on someone and not know it. If you think you have a crush on them, you probably do. But its normal to feel confused about someone.
  • Often when you meet a new guy, it is possible that you might be confused about whether you want to be with him and get to know him as a friend, or as a crush.
  • If most of these steps prove accurate, look up another wikiHow article on how to ask him out. This can be helpful and it won’t leave you saying, “Now what?”
  • If you answered YES to most of the questions, you probably like him. If you answered YES to ALL questions, you really have a CRUSH on him!!! Congrats!!
  • If you choose that you want your crush to know that you like him and you want to tell him make sure you pick a special day like your graduation (that’s what i did and now hes my boyfriend)or a trip or his birthday or your birthday something like that or first day of school or last day of school.
  • Don’t go out with a guy thinking that you can change him because that will never happen.
  • If you want your crush to give you something, like a present or something, tell him. Don’t say things like “Oh i would love a…” or “I wish i had…”. Say something more along the lines of “Would you please please please get me a..?”


  • Don’t be a show-off just to get his attention. It’s important that when you are around him, you act like yourself.
  • Let him know that you have a crush on him, but don’t just say it to him.
  • Flirt with him, but don’t sound cheesy.
  • When he says something funny, and its not that funny, don’t laugh hysterically, because you might embarrass yourself.
  • Don’t cling to him, its a big turn-off.
  • If you do like looking at him, don’t over-do it. He will think that you are just really creepy if he always sees you staring at him. Being a stalker isn’t the best idea.
  • Remember not to be too obvious when trying to get his attention. People around you will know that you like him.
  • Don’t act like a know-it-all priss, it’s another major turn-off.
  • If you absolutely have to talk about crushes around him, ask him whom he likes first. If he doesn’t say you (or act strange, or anything), then move on. Say that you don’t have a current crush. You don’t have to say that you’ve ever liked him.
  • If one of his friends are around him, don’t talk about anything romantic like, “Hey I can’t wait to go to the park tonight.” That just gets them all giggly.
  • Make sure you have your mind made up, and you do not lead him on. Then you will lose him as a guy, and your friendship! 
thank you (my source) The reason why I didn’t use my tips because maybe its not that helpful. I don’t want anyone to feel “epic fail” if you know what I mean. :) 
If you want to ask my opinion… I want you to NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH maybe you only get disappointed(I’m not peanut -bitter) my heart was broken before with a crush we didn’t even dated but i learn how to move on(that’s another entry I was just starting with a crush)
I don’t own the pictures, credits to the owners
thank you for reading this DON’T HATE, APPRECIATE! :D
more entries soon :)

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