Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why do Filipinos want to look white?

If you go to Phils today, you can find tons of whitening products that are multiplying like a mushroom & its sales are skyrocketing. And there are even some who take glutathione tablets or a trip to a dermatologist for some whitening treatments.

Moreover if you look at those local commercials, the message entails that "white is beautiful" and if you are too tanned, you are ugly. Moreover, some even go to plastic surgeons for nose-lifting, dye their hair blonde (even if it don't suit them) & wear colored contact lenses.

Whats the big deal about being white & why is it that Filipinos or even other Asians are so obsessed with these things that are literally impossible for them to change? I know about the colonial mentality attitude but can't they just change it and love their own skin & appearance. Its really very annoying to see people making fun of their dark-skinned fellowmen. 

Yes you are right, where else in the world can you find a grocery store shelf filled will all variants of whitening products in different consistencies? My skin is naturally white due to a hint of foreign blood but I don't despise darker skin.

The "white and beautiful" is further reinforced by the brainwashing advertisements and TV programs by these big corporations whose business is to profit from sale of whitening products to unhappy, discontented, low self-esteemed people who are not satisfied with their look, skin color, etc.

Most people are not happy with what they have until its gone on the same token white people are always trying to be dark going to the beach and tanning beds. They make a killing of that market to and it is pretty much saying white skin is ugly in that market. Advertisements are designed to make people feel they have a need for their product otherwise they wouldn't make any money.

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